Hey @lain random question. What's the response they say in japanese/animes after Gomen kudasai when entering somebody's home

Me: Will this kill me?
@ivesen Nah, it won't. Each shield is over a 1000, you have three, and this only deals 1000.

What if we have something unique to sign up with, like something everybody has. Maybe a phone number

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@Pasty How can I be more confident I won't be hit by trains in factorio?

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Listening to what's happening in a classroom next to me:
Some guy made a partition on a school PC and installed an OS on it
After that, he hid it so it wouldn't show up in windows(main part) somehow
He installed games on the secret partition
After that he changed the bios password so they couldn't erase it easily
Too bad he left the dates on when the files were changed, and they are tracking him down

Yes, fucking mastodon finally works on my instance