@quad Ah the good old days of tiny ships that you can turn on a dime. Kinda miss it, but wouldn't go back from my imperial clipper

@ivesen I realized my mastodon instance still works, I'm just too lazy to use it

@kurisu @quad Used to be, still seem to be "quality"

@quad @kurisu He does, but then again it's to be expected from him to shitpost more

@quad I don't care about the total number, I am just suprised by the per day number

@lain So this time instead of being criticised for not saying anything I got criticised for being late quite a bit, like 45 mins

@lain Last time I tried staying silent and that wasn't the brightest idea

@lain Welp, I'll keep you updated how mumbling that goes when the guest I'm expecting drops by

Hey @lain random question. What's the response they say in japanese/animes after Gomen kudasai when entering somebody's home

Me: Will this kill me?
@ivesen Nah, it won't. Each shield is over a 1000, you have three, and this only deals 1000.

@Pasty That's why you make your own instance

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@quad Ohey it's the old quad avatar